What does it mean to be a man?

So I have a question; and please don’t think I’m being facetious by asking this question. But what the heck does it mean to be a man these days?

I know that sounds like a silly question and one that someone in my position probably has no business trying to tackle.. BUT I need to know. I am the father to two wonderful little girls who are 5 and 2 years old and I need to show them what a man is all about. Not a wussy. Not a girly man. Not a… I don’t know. Let me stop and take a step back. I am a son of an Persian father and a British mother. They are happily still together and they come from the ‘historical’ sense of what a man and woman are. My father was the money earner, the provider and protector of his family. My mother was the home keeper, she’d keep the house spotless and she’d cook. But my dad also loved to cook. That is in fact where my love of cooking came from in the first-place.
So based on my upbringing I should be ok with a man being a man, opening doors for women and providing for his family. But I am confused by what the role of man has become generally in society. The fact that men as a whole are now metrosexual, in touch with their feelings, they are staying home with the kids and earn less than women. BELIEVE me, having two girls in America and in thisĀ time, I think their opportunities in life are exponentially better than most. BUT is that the right way? Are we missing something? Are we under-miming what a man can bring to a family dynamic by reducing his worth to the family unit? OR are we [men] evolving into more thoughtful caring creatures?
I worry, because I see more and more of my friends having issues with conceiving and through some basic research you can see that there is a general decline in testosterone levels in American men. What does that mean for our future ability to have children if this trend continues? So I think I need to go on a journey around the world to find out what it means to be a man…Marsh Is The Man!

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