Robert Ascroft photoshoot

You may not know Robert Ascroft by name, but you certainly have seen his amazing work grace the covers of countless magazines and billboards. He’s the A-listers go-to photographer. Check out his site here.

20160223_Marsh_Mokhtari_PR shoot_0523 When my agent called and said we need some updated pics I thought well why not reach for the stars and call my buddy Robert. Never really thinking he’d take me seriously. Here is the text conversation..Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.23.44 AM20160223_Marsh_Mokhtari_PR shoot_0568


Thats the kind of guy he is. Cheers Robert you are the best!!! 

20160223_Marsh_Mokhtari_PR shoot_0330

20160223_Marsh_Mokhtari_PR shoot_0623 20160223_Marsh_Mokhtari_PR shoot_0701 INNOV 20160223_Marsh_Mokhtari_PR shoot_0452

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