Project Unicorn

Mykel Hawke and I met in early 2012, I’d occasionally watch his show on the Discovery Channel called, Man-Woman Wild.

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Then, fortuitously our paths crossed. Hawke was invited to be a guest on my show Extreme Chef on the Food Network. Naturally we hit it off, as a result of that encounter we’ve become good friends and we’ve collaborated on a new documentary film called ‘Project Unicorn’.

Black Rhinoceros

“Project Unicorn is a film about rhino poaching. It’ll span the globe to cover the crazy demand for rhino horn in SE Asia and show first-hand the war on the front-lines to protect these magnificent animals in Africa.”

The demand for rhino horn has been around for hundreds of years. But the recent spike in popularity has sparked a new surge in demand. Forcing rhino-horn prices to more than $50,000 USD per pound. Thats more valuable than gold! So what are we to do? Make a film? Yes, thats part of the solution we need to raise awareness and curb demand. Because once we stop the demand the killing can stop too. But, we also need to focus on the immediate need to stop the killing on the front-lines, in South Africa. We have aligned ourselves with several charities [501(c)(3) – tax deducible!!] to help get the message out there and to raise badly needed funds. Please have a poke around on these sites and support the film in anyway you can! THANK YOU!!!!

“With only 20,000 rhino left in the world they wont survive for long.. at current escalated poaching levels they’ll be extinct in 7 years!”

The Silent Hero’s Foundation


“Rhino’s are real, lets not let them slip into the extinct-list.” 

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