Healthy kid-friendly recipes

Having two young daughters and trying to cooking healthy recipes is a priority of mine and my wife’s. It can be tough to get them to eat anything, let alone ‘healthy’ foods. So I came up with a cunning plan to get them to try new things. It’s inventively called the ‘try-new-things’ plan. I know, genius right..?



Simply put, each kid tries new foods [3 times – I tell them that they need to try things 3 times to be sure that they like them or not…] and we fill in each empty box with what they tried. When they fill all 10 boxes they get to choose a toy or prize that they really want. I know bribery isn’t the best thing in the world to get your kids motivated. But in this case I feel like we are gaining meaningful healthy relationships with new-foods and it doesn’t hurt that my daughters will now try practically anything!

Here  are a few healthy recipes that I love courtesy of the Harvard School of Public Health and a couple that I came up with for the LA Lakers.


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