Extreme Chef – Air dates

A few people have been asking when Extreme Chef airs on the Food Network.. Well here you go, this is the link. Here are a few of my personal pics from behind the scenes…


Oh the finale location in Thailand. What a magical country.

Marsh_Mokhtari_Thailand_finale Extreme_Chef_MARSH_MOKHTARI

Scott Brandolini and Frances Dimetrius jumping off a boat… IMG_1315 The army of cameras that you never see. Oh and yes I’m in a river in Thailand.  IMG_1312 MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Marsh_Mokhtari_Chaing_mai Marsh_Mokhtari_Karen_Hill_Tribe_JudgesThe amazing Simon Majumdar and super talented Viet Pham. I hear seriously good things about Viet’s restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah, called Forage. I need to make that trip sometime soon!

Marsh_Mokhtari_Karen_Hill_tribe Marsh_Mokhtari_Thailand_set


Oh and don’t forget the lighting.





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