I was lucky enough to be part of a film that I am very proud of, called Carjack.

Mo McRae and me after our run in...

Mo McRae and me after our run in…

The entire film can be seen through this link, Carjack. The director, Jeremiah Jones is a young visionary film-maker, he’s definitely ‘one to look out for’, this guy is going to make a big splash in Hollywood! And my co-star is a class act, Mo McRae┬áhe delivers a solid and compelling performance. If you want to know more about how the film was made, with a ton of behind the scenes footage and interviews with the film-makers, check-out the Carjack website. And yes, I did all my own stunts. Not because I had to, but because they closed off a 2 mile stretch of highway.. Are you seriously not going to do your own stunts when they put a juicy carrot like that in front of you?

The process-trailer a way for a car to move without a driver driving (for Mo, not me..)

What a delight this car was!

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