3D Printing the next new boom?

I was reading about a 3D printers and I just couldn’t quite wrap my head around it. Then I stumbled upon a 3D printing store in NYC, called Makerbot. They sell printers for about $2000.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 11.15.15 AM

To say my mind is blown is an understatement. I was shocked that you can print anything. Even moving parts!! So after the initial “mmwwwwah!” moment I started to think of the implications of this… Back in 1997-ish when the internet was becoming more popular we all thought this web-thingy is pretty cool, but we weren’t totally sold on the idea that this was going to revolutionize the planet… How much so, is still being seen. Same thing goes for this, in my opinion. So now we don’t need cheap Chinese plastics? We make it in our own homes… If I want to buy a toy for my girls, I go find plans online and print it? Wow, this could be bigger that the industrial revolution and bigger than the internets impact on mankind. Think about it for a moment. We could make things in our own homes! Say you drop your phone and break the housing. Whats stopping you from simply printing another? Or you happen to be drilling down to an underground lake in the antarctic and you break part of the equipment? You just print another one!¬†Thoughts?

Naturally, there are safety issues, you can print guns for instance, see this BBC article. Either way this is fascinating and I am excited to see where this technology takes us.


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